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Safe Walking Routes

To learn more about the benefits of walking and biking to school, safety tips, and monthly challenges with exciting prizes, visit Safe Routes Utah's website.

Riverton Elementary's safe walking routes map:

All students living south of 13400 South and west of Redwood Road should cross at 1830 West with the assistance of the crossing guard. The main feeder streets that we encourage students who live west of Redwood Road are 12960 South, 13220 South, 1830 West, 13035 South, and 2200 West.

Students east of Redwood Road are encouraged to use 1300 West, 13400 South, 13200 South, Riverton Ranch Road, 12800 South. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross Redwood Road with the assistance of the crossing guard located at 13150 South. Once students have crossed Redwood Road, they should use 13150 South where guards will assist in crossing 1830 West. Students crossing guards and faculty members are on the school grounds 15 minutes before and after school to help students with safety.

Students should not arrive before 8:10 am or leave after 3:20 pm since the crossing guards may not be available to help. Our school PTA and School Community Council work closely with the Salt Lake County Unified Police Department and Riverton City to provide safe transit for students. Please report any unsafe conditions or suspicious behavior to the school principal when needed. Special Education buses will be using the south parking lot immediately in front of the school for drop off and pick up. These buses will affect traffic flow before and after school. Cones are visible to indicate the lane in use for buses. Curbing is painted to indicate options. A lime green curbing indicates bus lane, yellow curbing indicates general drop-off/pick-up lane, and red curbing indicates an area where cars are NOT permitted to park or wait for any reason.


Traffic Instructions